लोकाः समस्ता: सुखिनो भवन्तु । Mr. Gunjan Solanki: +91 90164 45436 rudraintermediates@gmail.com

Dealers of Dyes and Dye-Intermediates we are devoted in providing best quality products with no hidden costs and timeline commitments by understanding consumer's requirements first, then fullfiling their needs & demands. Mr Gunjan Solanki properiter of Rudra Intermediates began his career while working with Bhimani Chemicals over the years he had gained much of technical knowledge about chemicals and is sole mentor of Rudra Intermediates since 2018. We have an extensive range of dyes and dye-intermediates for every requirement. Our wide product range is a result of our exclusive focus on demands and experience gained over years in chemical industry.

Dealers of Dye-Intermediates

H.Acid, V.S., Sulpho VS, O.A.V.S., P.C.V.S., Bronners VS, D.M.A.V.S, M.P.D.S.A, D.A.S.A, M.U.A

Dealers of Reactive Dyes

Black B, Black WNN, Red ME4BL, Red BSID, Deep Red CD, Orange ME2RL

Our Vision

To attain an irreplacable position in hearts of our clients and associates with an unquestioned reputation and long term relation with every possible associate.

Our Values

Beliving and being a part of world's most peaceful religion hindusim we abide by our values and standards in formal as well as in non-formal dealings. "May everyone attain peace and prosperity is our motto"

Attaining long term relations and growing together through honesty and time line committements is our ultimate goal and road map to pioneer the chemical industry.